Prove All Things:

Linked below is a series of one hour videos dedicated to bring important information to the public's attention that is ignored or twisted by main stream media.  In America, the public relies on the freedom of speech to make important decisions, such as who should represent them in government.  Those decisions are hampered when speech is censored.  That is exactly what is happening on the national and world scenes.  The following P.A.T.s, which have aired on Channel 3 on Thursday nights at 6 P.M, brings to your attention the information that is most important and timely in West Virginia, the United States, and planet Earth involving COVID-19.  Please investigate.  Then use your free will and responsibility to act as you see fit.

With no apologies,

Phil Hudok


P.A.T. 1 4/22/20: Crowded Hospitals? Medical & Media Fraud? Gates-Vaccinate Everyone


P.A.T. 2 4/30/20: Media Creates Cognitive Dissonance. NY ventilators stored. Open W.Va. Rally


P.A.T. 3 5/4/20: Luciferase Enzyme Vaccine ID. Dr. Mikovits Speaks Out Against Fauci


P.A.T. 4 5/11/20: Vaccine History & Mandatory Vaccines. Orwell’s 1984 Connections


P.A.T. 5 5/25/20: Media Talking Points & Manipulation. Discounting Medicine That Works


P.A.T. 6 6/4/20: Pediatrician & Vaccine Researcher, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Speaks Truth


P.A.T. 7 7/2/20: Covid Testing Fraud. More Media Fraud. COVID-19 Psyop


P.A.T. 8 7/23/20: Social Distancing & More Unmasked


P.A.T. 9 7/30/20: More On Masks. Hydroxychloroquine Facts. Frontline Doctors Speak


P.A.T. 10 8/6/20: More COVID Information From Researcher Jon Rappoport & Doctor Carrie Modej


P.A.T. 11 8/13/20: Searching for Truth & Witnessing To County Commission:


P.A.T. 12 8/20/20: CDC Covid Data & Frontline Doctors:


P.A.T. 13 8/27/20: Why the Censorship? What is True? Time is Short.


P.A.T. 14 9/3/20: CDC Bombshell Information:


P.A.T. 15 9/10/20: Open W.Va. Rally & More


P.A.T. 16 9/17/20: County Commission Gets COVID Facts – Action Time


P.A.T. 17 10/1/20: The COVID-19 Quandary


P.A.T. 18 10/8/20: Dr. Carrie Modej on Experimental Vaccine


P.A.T. 19 10/15/20: Constitutional Crises & Deep State Caught?


P.A.T. 20 10/22/20: Nazism/Eugenics/COVID-19 Connections


P.A.T. 21 10/29/20: One Minute Sheriff Radio Ad, 9 PAT Video Clip Highlights


P.A.T. 23 11/12/20: Alleged 2020 Election Voting Fraud Pt. 1


P.A.T. 25 12/3/20: Civil Disobedience, Gen. Flynn Speaks, Interesting Rumor, & More


P.A.T. 28 12/24/20 Vaccination Mishaps, Censorship Proven, & Trump’s 10 Options

P.A.T. 29 12/31/20 Gen. McInerney & Much More
P.A.T. 30 1/6/21 - Gen. McInerney Pt 2 & Assange Update