Situation Updates 2020/2021

FYI - It has been reported that Apple has or will turn off emergency alert system on it's phones.


Here are the 2020/2021 situation updates by Mike Adams known as the Health Ranger. A 2018 Executive Order, is proof a plan of resistance exists, but doesn’t mean it will be instigated.


The DOJ, FBI, NSA, and CIA are corrupt and most legislators and judges are ignorant or compromised at best and prostitutes or even demonic at worst.


Tyranny is the expression. Sin is the root. Repentance is paramount. Prayer is crucial.






Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 - Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY

Situation Update, Jan 17th, 2021 - Dems build walls around Trump and DC to keep the people out

Situation Update ADDENDUM for Jan. 17th - GOOD faith people vs BAD faith actors

Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 - Psyop revealed, DC prepares for large-scale WAR


Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 - DECLASS begins, CNN complicit in capitol raid

Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 - The FEMA + Military coup to SAVE America, not destroy it

Situation Update, Dec. 14th - Calls grow for Insurrection Act, window of opportunity Dec. 18th - 24th

Situation Update, Jan 13th, 2021 - BRIGHTEON Update on censorship and deplatforming

Situation Update, Jan 12th, 2021 - Is Trump winning at unconventional warfare?

Situation Update, Jan. 12th Sergeant Major’s Truther Info

Situation Update, Jan 11th, 2021 - The final looting of the American empire is now under way

FAITH Update, Jan. 10th, 2021 Part 3 - PRAYER and FAITH reveal the true path to defeating evil

Situation Update, Jan. 10th, 2021 Part 2 - First they silence you, then disarm you, then KILL you

Situation Update, Jan. 10, 2021 Part 1 - Trump's final window of opportunity rapidly closing

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 Part 2 - Big Tech and Leftists DECLARE WAR on conservative America

Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 Part 1- Emergency red alert America descending into WAR

Situation Update Jan 8th - Trump fighting from secure location, did NOT concede

Situation Update, Jan. 7th, 2021 - False flag attack STAGED to complete the steal

Situation Update, Jan 6, 2021 - America's Day of Reckoning arrives... Trump must now play his hand

Situation Update, Jan. 5, 2021 - Congress will betray; patriots will need to RESCUE the President

Situation Update, Jan. 4th, 2021 - Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda

Situation Update, Jan. 3rd - Senators announce 10-day emergency investigation

Situation Update, Jan 2nd - The Big Reveal

Situation Update, Jan 1st - Trump vs. the globalist genocide machine

Situation Update, Dec. 31st - Trump to drop game changing bombshells on Jan 6

Situation Update, Dec. 30th - CIA, FBI de-cloaking to destroy key evidence of vote fraud

Situation Update, Dec. 29th - Extensive evidence of foreign interference

Situation Update, Dec. 28th - Nuke from orbit

Situation Update, Dec. 27th - Nashville a data wipeout operation, many more to come

Situation Update, Dec. 26th - Treasonous Army generals fear Trump's "militia option"

Situation Update, Dec. 25th - Americans prepare for January WAR

Situation Update, Dec. 24th - Pence fails, options collapsing, DECLASS priority

Situation Update, Dec. 23rd - Trump chooses DECLASS option; readies epic doc dump

Situation Update, Dec. 22nd - TEN feasible pathways to a Trump VICTORY

Situation Update, Dec. 21st - The Pence-Raiklin Maneuver

Situation Update, Dec. 20th - The Misdirection Ploy - How to seize everything without using the military

Situation Update, Dec. 19th - China engineering WAR between USA and Russia

Situation Update, Dec. 18th - Cyber Red Dawn attack on USA is prelude to TOTAL WAR

Situation Update, Dec. 17th - Ratcliffe confirmation of foreign interference hands Trump justification to SEIZE ballots, voting machines

Situation Update, Dec. 16th - Epic counterattack readied against "Cyber Pearl Harbor"

Situation Update, Dec. 15th - Parallel electors chosen by 7 states as Trump accelerates ops to seize evidence

Situation Update, Dec. 14th - Calls grow for Insurrection Act, window of opportunity Dec. 18th - 24th

Situation Update, Dec. 13th - Gen. Perna announces "vaccine D-Day... the beginning of the end"

EMERGENCY Situation Update, Dec. 12th - The betrayal is now complete

Situation Update, Dec. 11th - DoD de-fangs the CIA, 305th intel proves foreign interference

Situation Update, Dec. 10th - Texas lawsuit reveals path to instant victory for Trump

Situation Update, Dec. 9th - Humanity's breakthrough moment: We REFUSE to be enslaved!

Situation Update, Dec. 8th - All ballots after Nov. 3rd are NULL AND VOID

Situation Update, Dec. 7th - DNI John Ratcliffe holds the future of the republic in his hands

Situation Update, Dec. 6th - China owns DOMINION, and all the officials who run the machines

Situation Update, Dec. 5th - The CCP gambit: Mass vaccinations of U.S. military to weaken national security

Situation Update, Dec. 4th - Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms all ACTIVATED

Situation Update, Dec. 3rd - Trump invokes foreign interference provision of 2018 EO

Situation Update, Dec. 2nd - Trump readies martial law option for defending the republic

Situation Update - Dec. 1st - ROGUE government must be ABOLISHED by the people