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  Mr. Obama Head Visits Capitol 2/20 & 2/27 !!!


On February 20 and February 27, Mr. O. H. showed his true

colors to West Virginia citizens and law makers in Charleston.


is way past time to exercise the 10th Amendment and stop the

out-of-control Feds! See the usurper puppet in action:

YouTube -


Mr. Obama Head's  "Obama's Wish For You" Tour-de-State   New World Order - Exposed!


On the 23rd of December, MOH traveled all the way to Hancock County, the northern most county in West Virginia's northern panhandle. He returned to Randolph County on Christmas Eve. He was a hit wherever he went. He's itching to go south to the West Virginia coal fields next to wish the coal miners a happy new year!


Mr. Obama Head is at it again.  Hear his lies and Christmas/New Year wishes for all good Americans.  Period!  End of Story!  Just don't take it to the bank!


Mr. Obama Head is at it again! See the video of Mr. Obama Head on Mount Rushmore!


The reality and symbolism, could not be greater!  The pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-freedom, first president of this country flanked by the usurper in chief spewing forth lie, after lie, after lie.  And this is only one issue which is in everyone's face.  What else is there?  Obama is a puppet.  His handlers hide behind the curtain.  They are inspired by demons.  I pledge to uncover that which is hidden.  Take the red pill.  You will find out we dropped the ball...big time!  As Charlie Daniels would say, “It’s time to suck it up boys and RIDE!”  And I can’t keep Mr. Obama Head on the road without your help.  With no apologies...Phil Hudok  


Mr. Obama Head Exposes the New World Order!

Mr. Obama Head's first public appearance...Mountain State Forest Festival

The Constitution Party of West Virginia debuted a seven and a half foot high talking Mr. Obama Head to educate the public and garner petition signatures for ballot access in the upcoming 2014 general election. The Party nominated Phil Hudok to run as the Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate. The three day event produced over 1,000 of the 10,000 signature goal for ballot access. Over 40 original quotes delivered by Mr. Obama reveal his Anti-Christian, Anti-Family, Anti-Military, Anti-Constitution, and in other words, his Anti-American agenda. He does this while appropriately blowing one foot smoke rings at his audience. Will you do your part to restore the rule of law, U.S. Constitution, and OUR Republic? Schedule Mr. Obama Head for your organization or area! (

The following link is to a YouTube video of Mr. Obama Head in action:

Mr. Obama Head  Exposes the New World Order!

Use the link below to hear the audio track of Mr. (not President) Obama sticking his foot in his mouth. During operation, he literally blows one foot smoke rings exposing his One World Order, Socialist, and Demonic Agenda. Even though he is a puppet, he is the "front man", for the Globalists. I built him to educate the public and promote my 2014 U.S. Senate candidacy.

With no apologies,  Phil Hudok

To watch the documentary slide show “Mr. Obama Head – From Conception To Deception” and hear his complete repertoire:

pic_061c.JPGI exposed the “Obama-New World Order Connection”  in Feb. 2009 in the following YouTube Videos.  See exactly what Obama and his handler’s goals are and what serious trouble we are in.  There is spiritual wickedness in high places and this has been allowed to happen due to our committed sins and our sins of omission. Duty is ours, results are the Lord’s. It is way past time to do the right thing. Period!


Here are a few of the 70 videos that I have on my youtube channel - Phil Hudok

Obama-New World Order Connection Part 1 of 3

Obama-New World Order Connection Part 2 of 3

Obama-New World Order Connection Part 3 of 3


The Constitution Party of West Virginia's Mr. Obama Head made the five hour trip from Randolph Co. to Martinsburg on October 19th to participate in the Mountain State Harvest Festival Grand Feature Parade.





The seven foot high Mr. Obama Head exposed Mr. Obama through his own quotes and appropriately belched smoke in the process.




DSC02472.JPGSeveral people assisted Phil Hudok, the 2014 U.S. Senate Constitution Party Candidate in the quest for ballot access. Become involved and visit the party’s  website. Time is short.  Funds and assistance are needed. Help Mr. Obama Head get legs to travel throughout West Virginia  educating the citizenry.

(Left to right Phil Hudok, Barry Scott, and Jeff Becker)

You can watch the crowd's response to Mr. Obama Head.  Video cameras were mounted on the float and labeled "NSA Is Watching You." (And, they may well have been watching via satellites or drones!)

See sidebar for public feedback on the Martinsburg Parade.

Nicholas_2.jpg10/29/13 – Phil addressed the Nicholas County Tea Party in Summersville. Phil discussed his 2014 U.S. Senate Candidacy and showed highlights of Mr. Obama Head.  The Nicholas County Tea Party invited Phil to participate with their group in upcoming events, such as the Mt. Nebo St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


11/8/13  Phil spoke to the Hampshire County Tea Party in Romney. Phil presented a powerpoint outlining the signs of the times. He explained how Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution was not being followed and how a return to the "Rule of Law" could undo the recent damage inflicted on the "Republic" by Mr. Obama and his globalist handlers. We are in a war for hearts, minds, and souls!

Mr. Obama Head in Summersville Veterans' Day Parade


YouTube video link of Mr. Obama Head in the Summersville Veterans’ Day Parade:

Mr. Obama Head Exposes the New World Order!

Retaining freedom requires eternal vigilance and exercise. A right of way in disuse is lost. We witness the “Rule of Law” in peril. Violations of our Constitution are legion at an unprecedented level and the cancerous traitors are among us. General Washington warned us that American could only be destroyed from within. This year’s Veterans’ Day is as much a time to protect our freedom as it is a time to recognize those who paid a price to establish and defend our freedom. Globalists are out to destroy their prime enemy, the American people and our Christian Constitutional Republic. For that reason, many of us, find ourselves duty bound to cry aloud as watchmen on the wall. Will the country continue to slide into chaos all the while in denial and apathetic, or will the people come to their senses, rise to the occasion, and do the right thing? Mr. Obama Head was used in November 11, 2013 Summersville Veteran’s Day Parade to expose a lying President. His contempt for the military is obvious. His closing war memorials, purging military brass, failure to act in Benghazi, politically correct military policies, and banning military Chaplains from saying “Jesus” are just some of the more outlandish things the Obama administration has done. Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution provides a remedy. Go to to see for yourself and then take action.  linked a YouTube video slide show of the November 11, 2013 Summersville Veterans’ Day Parade. Second slide is the Nicholas County Tea Party float.

Here is the link to the topix Summersville 2013 Veterans’ Day Parade Video Comments Page:

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Nicholas County Veterans' Day Parade Facebook Comments:



 Phil Threatened Arrest For Petitioning!